Lewis Ferrier

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Proceed Records / PR35 / Rel. Date: 20-04-2013
Haldo & Fabrizio Marra ft. Kaysee - Have It All (Lewis Ferrier Remix)

Stimulated Soul Rec./ SSR009/ Rel. Date 05-11-2012
Mr. Moon ft. Lubo Kirov - I Can’t Get Over
(Lewis Ferrier Remix)

Diamond House Rec./ DHRO069/ Rel. Date 16-03-2012
Dutchican Soul ft. Miss Bunty - Never Give Up
(Lewis Ferrier Stimulated Soul Dub)

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Stimulated Soul Rec./ SSR005/ Rel. Date 20-12-2011
Pablo Fierro - I Don’t Speak About House
(Lewis Ferrier Remix)

Stimulated Soul Rec./ SSR002/ Rel.Date 18-10-2011
Peter james Kahn - Back To My Future
(Lewis Ferrier Remix)

SR004 / Rel. Date 30-08-2010
Oded Nir ft. King Dread James - Midnight Snacker
(Lewis Ferrier Remix)

SMASH02210 / Rel. Date 01-07-2010
Sonya - Fly
(Lewis Ferrier Classic Mix)

SR002 / Rel. Date 29-01-2010
Oded Nir ft. Isa Borneau - Jack Attack
(Lewis Ferrier Remix)

BC027 / Rel. Date 00-11-2009
Steven Stone ft. Yuanist Woods - Change
(Lewis Ferrier Remix)

TCR016X / Rel. Date” 26-10-2009
Collective Sound Members - In My Arms Tonight
(Lewis Ferrier’s Funky Dub)

CHEGA021 / Rel. Date 29-09-2009
Daniel Darque ft. Avi - Heaven
(Lewis Ferrier Remix)

RIZ005 / Rel. Date: 11-06-2009
Melvin Reese ft. Racel Hawnt - So Much Love
(Lewis Ferrier Remix)

OTFM006 / Rel. Date: 08-12-2008
Jazzentials - The Jackal
(Lewis Ferrier Remix)

DPN007 / Rel. Date: 28-11-2008
Dos Palomas Negras ft. Mitch Crown - Shine
(Lewis Ferrier Latin Express Mix & Latin Express Instrumental)

LAY105 / Rel. Date: 31-01-2009
DJ Dealer - Chicago Love E.P. /
(Lewis Ferrier Remix)

Rel.Date: 20-10-2008
Soul de Marin - Get Nasty E.P.
(Lewis Ferrier Remix)

PMR0013 / Rel.Date: 17-09-2008
Raphael Légo Rodriguez - The Musical Revolution
(Lewis Ferrier Remix)

DPNPROMO001 / Rel. Date 01-08-2007
T&T - Shake!
(Lewis Ferrier’s Mac-Shake Remix)

DPN003 / Rel. Date: 23-07-2007
Dos Palomas Negras - Don’t Wanna Go Home
(Lewis Ferrier’s Go Deep Mix)